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Man Overboard

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Man Overboard is a security App that checks if there is a man overboard. It works with your mobile Tethering wi-fi, that creates a network with all mobile/tablet guests on a boat. It must be installed just in one device, that it keeps on the boat.To setup Man Overboard App on your mobile/tablet follow these steps:
- Configure the mobile tethering wi-fi with a password;- Turn on the GPS location system on your mobile/tablet;- Turn on Man Overboard App;- Enable check-in on Man Overboard;- Share the tethering wi-fi password with your guests on the boat and ask them to join your network with their mobile/tablet;- A list with the device ips will be visible on the screen;- When the number of devices on Man Overboard it is the same of the number of your guests, disable the check-in mode;- You can eventually rename the device ips with the person real name and the role. The remote device ip is visible on the mobile/tablet guest on the wi-fi connection configuration, clicking on the network previously created. The combination device-person name will be permanent stored in the App untill you rename it, reset or uninstall the App.
After these steps the Man Overboard is correctly configured, now it checks every 10 seconds if all devices are still linked to the network. If one or more devices will be not available, Man Overboard App plays an alarm and highlights which device/s is/are missing. On the lost tab you can find the missing people and clicking on Find, Man Overboard App opens the navigator tab where it gives you the directions to find the missing person. You have just to lead the boat in the way that the bow direction arrow point to the same direction of the dead reckoning arrow. You can see the distance from the disconnection point.
Pay attention if you turn off the App you may need to redo the check-in routine.
We suggest to disable and reneable the tethering wi-fi when you change guests on the boat.